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Product description:

Anode protection is one of the methods of protecting metals from electrochemical corrosion, consisting of combining all the elements of a protected structure into one closed electrical circuit in which the protected metal is an anode.

Magnesium Anodes ELK ANODE

Magnesium anodes are manufactured from standard potency alloy (AZ63) or high potential alloy (HPM).

The cable-anode connection was made by soft soldering and insulated with two-component epoxy resin (electric strength 35kV/mm). The electrical resistance of the cable-anode connector is less than 5 mOhm (excluding the electrical resistance of a cable). The anodes are supplied with a 6 m cable with a double insulation seat of 1 x 6 mm2 and are pre-assembled in a cotton bag containing a low-resistance mixture consisting of the following elements:

  • powdered plaster: 75%
  • bentonite: 20%
  • sodium sulfate: 5%


It can be specified dimensions or different features supplied at customer request.

Silicon-iron anodes for current systems “Ironguard”

Ironguard anodes are affordable, stable and can withstand the corrosive effects of the strongest acids and bases.

Silicon-iron anodes “Ironguard C”

Silicon cast iron canister anodes, made of galvanized steel sheet (0.5 mm thickness), facilitate transportation, installation and laying.

Activated Titanium Anodes / MMO

The MM activated titanium anode with a very thin anode coating in combination with a plastic Titanium substrate is extremely durable.

Special mixed metal oxide ceramics, developed specifically for each shape, are tested in extremely high current densities to ensure consistent product quality.

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