Composite reinforcements of critical infrastructure with using 3X Engineering materials

Since 2020 AGCOR is a representative in Poland of 3X ENGINEERING, the world leader in modern repair technology.It is from the Principality of Monaco specializing for more than 30 years in the production and implementation of composite materials for the regeneration and reinforcement of pipelines, tanks and steel structures.

The production range of 3X ENGINEERING has passed rigorous qualification and testing programmes to ensure compliance with international standards. All product parameters are certified by independent laboratories such as: ABS, Bureau Veritas, TUV or Lloyd’s Register. The positive reviews of hundreds of customers worldwide also testify to the quality of the products used and the company’s ability to adapt to the specific needs of repairs in different industries.


Our employees have qualifications and certificates in the field of assembly of composite systems according to the standards:


  • ISO 24817:2015 – Petroleum, petrochemical and gas industries — Composite pipeline repairs — Qualification and design, installation, testing and inspection
  • ASME PCC-2-2018 – Repair of pressure equipment and pipelines


As an engineering company in the field of services we perform:

Based on the presented problem, such as corrosion rods, wall shading or leak repair, our engineers perform simulations and calculations to select the appropriate repair system.

Based on the information collected, we provide highly qualified engineers and technicians to perform and supervise all repair operations. Thanks to their experience and professionalism, we guarantee high quality repairs at your disposal.

Our services include repairing corrosion pits, material defects, sealing, repairing tanks and restraining leaks