Repair of existing pipelines and technological installations

One of the most important aspects of operating a transmission and storage infrastructure system is anti-corrosion protection. Corrosion in pipeline and tank systems is stopped by the application of appropriate anti-corrosion coatings, which also fail due to incorrect application during construction or subsequent mechanical damage. We are aware and responsible for the needs of the market in terms of repairing anti-corrosion coatings of existing pipelines and technological installations.

Our company over the years has gained extensive experience in performing repairs of insulation of anti-corrosion coatings. In addition to providing corrosion protection solutions, we have the equipment and qualified personnel to perform repairs of pipeline coatings, tanks and technological installations.

We perform repairs of anti-corrosion insulation on new and existing critical infrastructure facilities, tasks are carried out in cooperation with domestic and foreign transmission pipeline operators.

Our employees have the required qualifications, experience and have the appropriate qualifications in accordance with the standards:


  • ISO 24817:2015 – Petroleum, petrochemical and gas industries – Composite pipeline repairs – Qualification and design, installation, testing and inspection
  • ASME PCC-2-2018 – Repair of pressure equipment and pipelines
  • PN-EN 15257:2008 Cathode protection. Competence levels and certification of cathode protection personnel. Qualification level: 3