Leaders in sealing and
corrosion prevention technology

AGCOR GROUP Sp. z o.o., using its expertise and experience for more than 30 years, provides consultations to its customers, successfully implementing projects of construction of more than 10,000 km of pipelines over the years. The innovative approach of our company together with the development department facilitates the success of each project, so - to ensure 100% satisfaction of customer expectations. The company is active in the European Union, designing and delivering its tailor-made sewing solutions based on a qualified and experienced team of engineers. Our employees are committed to providing quick service before and after the sale, as well as technical support at the site of the investment.


Our vision

As a company, we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of individually tailored technical solutions and make due diligence to deliver materials that meet highest technical standards through innovation and continuous commitment.

Our mission

We support our clients in the implementation of local and strategic projects aimed at raising the level of security of critical infrastructure components within the European Union. The Sustainable Development Strategy sets the standards and the way in which our mission is achieved.

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We believe that the success of our customers drives our success. By providing the best customer service, we make our customers’ business more efficient and efficient.


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Do you want to work in a company with a well-established position in the market offering good working conditions and opportunities for professional development? Do you want to contribute to the creation of new solutions in the field of industrial construction in a friendly atmosphere among engaged employees?


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We are convinced that the positive thinking that we put in our company directly translates into creating innovative solutions in the areas we deal with.

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