The history of AGCOR Group Sp. z o.o. company

Our history began in 1992 and from the very beginning the company’s premise was to provide the best solutions in anti-corrosion protection and supplies for the energy market.


Since its inception, we have been an international provider of services and materials, primarily focusing on industrial facilities. AGCOR is a representative of world leaders in anti-corrosion materials, renovation and sealing and as a company our aim is to bring innovation and new trends to the Polish and foreign markets. We are part of a global network of qualified suppliers, enabling the company to flexibly and effectively meet customer needs. Curently AGCOR Group operates in Poland and various parts of Europe and World.


Due to development of company’s operations, at the end of 2020 we transformed into AGCOR GROUP Sp. z o.o. and the company logo changed: