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Our anti-corrosion materials are made in accordance with the highest international requirements. The materials have been specially designed to combine ease of installation in the field with a level of efficiency that equals or exceeds the main adjacent coating.

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To ensure the optimal choice, the following parameters should be taken into account:

Operating temperature of the installation

As the temperature rises, the overall resistance of the coating decreases. Therefore, in order to ensure adequate service life, it is important to choose a coating that has been properly tested for operation at the maximum working temperature.

Type of factory or adjacent coating

We have materials that are compatible with all commonly used corrosion protection coatings, although slightly different installation procedures may be required, depending on the factory or adjacent coating used.

Surface type to protect

In the case of underground pipes or parts of larger diameter/size, anti-corrosion materials are subjected to significant ground stress due to the weight on them. These tensions produce contact forces which in low-performance coatings cause the anti-corrosion insulation to scratch or crack. The best way to combat these forces are high elasticity polymer thermocompressive straps covered with adhesive with high cutting strength, suitable tape systems (mechanical load resistance classes A, B or C according to PN-EN 12068) or polyurethane coatings. Our task is to choose the right coating for the customer and the requirements of the project.

Design specifications and local standards must be taken into account when determining the coating used.

Choosing the right coating for insulation

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