AGCOR GROUP Sp. z o.o. – official partner and distributor of
CHERAY POLYMER CO. products in Europe countries

The history of CHERAY POLYMER CO. has started in 1984 and during years has been started global leading developer and manufacturer of specialty pipeline coatings for the sealing and corrosion protection of pipeline joints and other substrates.


CHERAY POLYMER CO. together with AGCOR GROUP Ltd. deliver innovative solutions to increase the integrity of pipelines with an ever-increasing focus on advanced corrosion protection, automation for consistency, productivity and safety and through the availability of data from field operations in real time to provide greater traceability for our customers

Note: AGCOR GROUP Sp. z o.o. is the only autorized exclusive partner and representative of CHERAY POLYMER CO. in Europe. The company AGCOR GROUP Sp. z o.o. have the only rights to represent manufacturer CHERAY POLYMER CO. in the case of contacts with external European institusions, e.g. in the case of material tests certification processes, etc. The authorization is issued for and indefinite period.