DC-2000 Microvoltmeter

high sensitivity constant voltage meter

Product description:

The DC2000 is a battery- and network-powered DC microvolt meter with high measurement sensitivity, with built-in active filters and an analog display.

Measurement range and input resistance

The microvolt meter is a very precise device with a moving coil, equipped with both batteries and a network connector. The measuring device is equipped with two 3-fold and 10-fold scales. The input impedance is 1MΩ for the range of 10μV to 3 mV and 10MΩ to the range from 10mV to 300V.

Polarization indicator and zero adjustment

The measuring device has an automatic polarization switch, which means that the direction of polarization of the measured voltage does not affect the correct indication of the measuring system. Two LEDs also indicate the setting of the zero of the electrical device, which can be adjusted for μV ranges with the help of the regulator button.

Active filters eliminating the impact of AC

The active 16 Hz and 50 Hz downstream filters installed in the device can be turned on to eliminate AC frequency interference.

Amplifier output with galvanic separator

There is also a 1 V outlet on the front panel for connecting an external chart recorder to document measurements. A special insulating amplifier is connected to the socket to isolate them from the input circuit. This makes it possible to connect recorders with grounded inputs without distorting measurements.

Network and battery power supply with battery capacity testing

Power is 230 V from the grid or from the built-in internal battery. The device is equipped with a built-in battery charger and an automatic monitoring and protection system against excessive discharge. The button on the front board allows you to read the battery charge status on the analog indicator.12V power supply with galvanic separation


An additional fixed voltage converter with a screw plug connecting to the rear panel of the device is available as an option to use a 12V car battery to power or charge the device during field measurements.

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