protection against corrosion of steel pillars

Product description:

DKiT® is recommended to protect all types of structures from corrosion. It is applied to the substrate of the structure, in contact with the concrete base, which is the weakest in terms of the possibility of corrosion development.

Initially, the system was developed in collaboration with the French State Railway Enterprise (SNCF réseau) for the railway industry to strengthen chain supports (HEA beads), but this product is suitable for all construction projects.

After 3 years of testing (dekohesion and mechanical tests) more than a thousand pillars have been secured with this product.

DKiT® is a multi-layer product consisting of 3 specific coatings:
  • anti-corrosion epoxy resin
  • waterproof epoxy resin
  • protective coating against UV radiation and impacts (elastomeric material)
  • prevents corrosion and water infiltration in concrete construction
  • ensuring the integrity and durability of the structure
  • protects against climate aggression, UV radiation and impacts
The main advantages of the application:
  • installation without stopping movement or production
  • avoid complicated maintenance
  • economical installation
  • fast and easy application
Application in areas:
  • all pillar designs
  • all designs of structures built in concrete
  • old and new structures

Question about DKiT® - protection against corrosion of steel pillars

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