one-tape system without primer

Product description:

EVOLEN OP-1 MONOTAPE is a co-extruded, multi-layer, asymmetrical plastic tape according to DIN 30 672, PN-EN 12 068 and ISO 21809-3:2016. It consists of a stabilized polyethylene bearing film resistant to UV radiation and heat, coated on both sides with a durable plastic bulk based on butylcaucum. On the outer side of the tape there is a thin and black layer of rubber.


Due to the adjustable high viscosity of the inner layer, the EVOLEN OP-1 MONOTAPE tape is used without a substrate. EVOLEN OP-1 MONOTAPE is a cold-treatable coating that protects against corrosion. It is used for covering pipelines made of low-foot cast iron materials laid on the surface of the ground or in soil and water, as well as for repainting in the welding seam area and repairing mechanical damage in factory PE, PP and PUR coverings.

Construction of the EVOLEN OP-1 MONOTAPE system:

One-tape system – load class C50 according to EN12068
  • No substrate in the form of a primer
  • 4 layers EVOLEN OP-1 MONOTAPE (2 wrappings with 50% cover)

Special advantages:

  • Only 1 type of tape for application
  • Saving time in the implementation phase
  • Possibility of use in ground installations – resistant to UV radiation
  • High degree of protection against mechanical impact
  • Elimination of health and environmental risks – does not contain solvents

Question about EVOLEN OP-1 MONOTAPE - single-band system without prime

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