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holiday detector

Product description:

PTEK HD is a spark defectoscope used to test the sealability of coatings, insulation and high pulse voltage protective coverings according to DIN55670 and DIN EN 14430. Used in places where coatings need to provide effective protection against corrosion, it is important that any defects that ultimately lead to corrosions are detected at the earliest possible stage.

Product is in compliance with the standards:
  • ISO 29601
  • ISO 2746
  • ASTM D5162
  • ASTM G62
  • NACE SP0274
  • NACE SP0188
  • NACE SP0490
Available in the following versions:
  • S4001 0,5–6kV for coatings up to 1100μm
  • S4002 1–20kV for coatings up to 3700μm
  • S4003 1–30kV for coatings up to 8000μm

Comes in an industrial transport suitcase with handle, tape brush probe, grounding cable (10 m) and transport bag.

A calibration certificate with traceability to UKAS is available for a surcharge.

Available measuring accessories:

Wide brush

For testing coatings on large flat surfaces using PTEK HD.


Broad Brush brushes are available in the following widths: SA502 200 mm and SA503 500 mm.

Round Brush

For the testing of coatings for the examination of internal protective coats of pipes using PTEK HD.


Available in the following sizes: SA302 DN50, SA303 DN80, SA304 DN100, SA306 DN150,SA308 DN200, SA310 DN250 and SA312 DN300.

Ring brush – spring

For testing coatings for examination of the external protective coat of pipes using PTEK HD.


Available in the following sizes: from DN100 to DN1200.

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