Measure post type 2K


Product description:

Measuring columns – marking type 2K PVC/PMMA designed for the installation of measuring devices for remote measurements of cathode protection and marking of the route of the gas pipeline. Type 2K is characterized by two holes at 2/3 of the pillar’s height with coverings closed to the lock. The poles are perfectly suited to the devices of the monitoring system MiniTrans by Weilekes Elektronik and others on the market.

Main advantages:
  • type 2K has two-sided revision valves, so no partial disassembly of the pillar is required which greatly facilitates access to the device or the measuring plate inside for operational services
  • the rear valve can be operated only from the inside and allows the cable to be installed without removing the clamp plate
  • The opening of the measuring point is resistant to acts of vandalism thanks to the valves built into the diameter of the pillar, it is also bristle-proof die to the peripheral sealing profile
  • non-inflammable
  • made of very high strength PVC with PMMA coating
  • resistant to scratches and impacts
  • resistant to UV radiation and credit
  • guarantee of preservation of colour over 20 years
  • the upper part of the pillar is flattened, so it is possible to aesthetically mount an information board or a marking board
Available colours of pillars depending on the medium and customer requirements:

yellow, blue, gray, orange, green, red, white, dark brown or mixed to two colors

Available dimensions:
  1. Diameter: 110mm
  2. Wall thickness: 6mm
  3. Lengths: 2500mm, 3000mm
  4. Anchor to choose from: triangular leg, cross leg, stabilizing drive

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