MiniLog2 - materiały do budowy instalacji katodowej oraz zdalny monitoring


device for control and DCVG intensive measurements

Product description:

MiniLog2 is a waterproof, versatile measuring instrument equipped with an LCD display and keyboard designed for cathode corrosion protection. As a recorder, MiniLog2 records data from two DC and AC channels, performing simultaneous constant and variable voltage measurements in each of them. Synchronized with GPS, MiniLog2 tackles not only cathode protection stations, but also measurement samples to IR-free potential with an integrated relay. In addition, the MiniLog2 can be used for DCVG and CIPS and intensive measurements (by 2-electrode method) with simultaneous potential and gradient measurement

Data Recorder with microvoltmeter

Two measuring channels with simultaneous measurement of constant and variable voltage in each allow to obtain 4 values per measure. Both DC and AC channels are equipped with active filters allowing for microvolt measurement without interference. MiniLog2 has storage capacity for up to 1,300,000 measurements. This corresponds to 40h of measurement time at a sampling frequency of 0.5s and up to 30 minutes when measuring in “fast mode” (= 1000 measurements per second). The built-in USB connector allows for galvanically insulated data transfer and charging via USB.

GPS Synchronization and GPS Position

Garmin’s optional GPS receiver is used for very accurate real-time clock synchronization in MiniLog2. Using MiniLog2 as a data recorder for DCVG and intensive measurements, GPS coordinates are automatically preserved for each measurement.

Miniature GPS-tacting switch with battery

MiniLog2 has a built-in 15A / 60V mechanical relay for switching. Optionally, a version with a built-in electronic relay 30A/60V is available. Using the keyboard and LCD display, the user can configure a switching cycle resolution of 0.1 seconds. In addition, you can set off nighttime or Saturday-Sunday time.

The lithium-ion battery allows you to switch synchronized with GPS for 30 days without charging. For stationary installations in the housing of cathode protection installations, USB power supply and fixed mounting can be used. To further increase the switching power, miniaturized external LS100 sub-reel relays are available for MiniLog2 with a speed of 100 ampere.

DCVG measurements with graphic representation in Google Maps

To measure and detect damage, the MiniLog2 displays the voltage difference on a special column chart on the LCD display. By simply pressing the “OK” button mounted on the electrode, the DCVG value and the associated GPS position are recorded and the measurement is continued. In exactly the same way, potential and voltage values can be adopted for intensive measurements. In the same way, potential (CIPS) and/or voltage gradient measurements can be performed.

Measurement points with detected damages on the pipeline along the route can be graphically represented directly after measurement using Google Maps and WinLog 2.0 software.

Sample measurement with MiniCoup adapter

For measuring the potential on a corrosimetric sample (coupon), MiniLog2 can simultaneously measure and measure. For accurate sampling of the full depolarization curve, MiniLog2 is able to measure 1000 samples/s for one channel for up to 30 minutes.

Optionally, with a MiniCoup adapter and a built-in 10 Ohm sidebar, MiniLog2 takes samples every second for up to 24 hours. It is enough to connect the pipe, electrode and coupon to the adapter sockets, at the same time on- and off potential and DC and AC are accumulated.

Accessories and specifications

MiniLog2 – basic set

Includes USB cable, 10/230V charger and 12V/24V USB charger.


Catalogue number – depending on the version:

130 111 (mechanical transformer)

130 171 (electronic transmitter)

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