MiniTrans Plus

remote monitoring and control for cathodic protection

Product description:

Remote control of cathode protection works economically when installed simultaneously in measurement sites and cathode protective devices, reducing the cost of regular inspections of measuring sites and protective equipment. The devices are used to monitor the parameters and control the work of the cathode protection installation of pipelines, tanks and other metal structures buried in the ground or immersed in water.

The MiniTrans Plus is the next generation of the device, which has been specially designed for remote cathode protection and radio monitors the connection and disconnection potential, alternating voltage, current and voltage in the range of microvolts. In the last decade alone, 10,000 previous generation MiniTrans devices were installed in cathode protection and 4000 at measurement points worldwide.

The use of components with low power consumption and the latest technology of transmission of radio waves in the GSM network enables up to 5 years of operation of the device, powered by a single set of batteries, with daily measurements and sending of measurement results.

The user of the MiniTrans Plus device has the possibility of complete remote software of all measuring parameters and transmission of the device directly from the workstation without the need to reach the measuring site. This allows the MiniTrans Plus to be quickly and smoothly adapted to the new range of measurements and the time required to perform them, in changing conditions of cathode protection.

Advantages and features of the device:

  • Battery life up to 5 years
  • Possibility of continuous measurement by connecting the power supply
  • Waterproof case IP67
  • Faultlessness per 1000 operating devices for a period of 5 – 10 years was tested 5% of them and the inspection showed no measurement errors
  • 8 measurement channels with MiniControl extension
  • Suitable for mounting in a measuring pillar or on a DIN mounting rail
  • WinTrans software on your own computer or on the server WEB
  • Możliwa bezpośrednia współpraca z istniejącymi systemami SCADA, np. TelWin, C-SMOK
  • Can be controlled via: LCD, LTE, UMTS, GPRS, GPS, DCF, RS232, Bluetooth, USB and ETHERNET cable
  • Easy to set up – the touch LCD display allows you to easily and quickly change the settings where the device is located without a portable laptop device. In addition, MiniTransPlus has a galvanically separated USB socket that allows data transmission via PC/laptop
  • 8 measurement channels with galvanic insulation – in addition to the 3 inputs that existed in the older version of MiniTrans, the new MiniTransPlus version received an additional 4 input channel with Galvanic Insulation. Thus, MiniTransPlus is able to measure voltage: 2xDC and 2xAC, voltages: 1xDC & 1xAC and galvanically isolated subsequent voltage 1x DC and 1x AC. As a result, we get a total of 8 channels
  • ON/OFF measurements and combined data recording – thanks to its design, MiniTransPlus enables measurement of attachment and disconnection potential of up to 4 samples per day with the possibility of continuous recording of data on fluctuating currents, including minimum, maximum and average values, to ensure the most reliable measures
  • Sample measurement with internal relay 30A – MiniTransPlus can perform single sample measurements during the day or continuous recording of data including minimum, maximum and average values, depending on the user’s needs
  • Time synchronization with GPS + coordinates – the built-in GPS receiver with an external antenna allows for synchronous measurement and monitoring of cathode protection stations and measuring points. Not only can the attachment and deactivation measurement be synchronized, but also samples measurements of all measuring points can be measured at exactly the same time
  • Remote control of the security station via the Internet – using the internal relay 30A/100V after tackling, we can also fully control the stations using the patented method of pulse width modulation (Pulse Wide Modulation – PWM). For example, we want to configure MiniTransPlus so that the voltage on the station is exactly 3.0V and we can do this via SMS, the Internet, or manually without the use of additional accessories. One command can change the regulation from voltage to current
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with Smartphone app – a special smartphone app allows connecting to MiniTransPlus via bluetooth connection, which allows us to configure the device and visualize read values at a distance of up to 10 meters, e.g. in a car standing near a security station
  • Threat detection (OGE patent – former E.ON Ruhrgas) combined with high resolution 0.1 μV input channel and two samples with real-time data transmission via GPRS/UMTS, MiniTransPlus allows the detection of threats arising from environmental fading currents
  • Wintrans 2.0 Internet Software – the analysis of all data from MiniTrans and MiniTransPlus as well as the control of the cathode protection station is carried out using Internet software. It is also possible to install the software on your own server
  • Integrated with the Kettner solar pillar, so it does not require a grid power supply for continuous operation

    Additional tools and software

  • GPS antenna with 3m cable – enhance the signal, receive the current time and date and synchronize the internal time
  • Antenna GPS or GSM mini version – space saving, recommended for installation in measuring poles
  • WinTrans 2.0 software to install on your own device or server
  • WinTrans 2.0 software on the online server – up to 5 devices free use
  • MiniControl – an additional module to the cathode protection monitoring set for programming the MiniTrans sensor and doubling the measurement channels
  • LS100 – External 100A current source for MiniTrans with electronic relay in conjunction with switch

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