cable connection insulation kit - pin brazing

Product description:

The kit is used to insulate the cable connections to the pipeline and to provide adequate cathode protection to the connections. The product is certified by the DVGW Institute, which confirms the certainty of insulation of the place, among other things, after the Pinbrazing method.


The shape of the housing of the kit for the insulation of cable connectors makes it possible, through its design and the choice of materials, to be used for tubing diameters from DN80 to DN1600. Application also for tanks and other steel structures.


The kit has 4 different housing sizes and allows for simultaneous insulation of one to four connection points, welded surfaces, as well as all commonly used cabling diameters from Ø 9-17 mm.


Compatible with coatings:
  • PE, PP, PUR, GRP and bitumen
  • universal application
  • time saving (single mounting)
  • no need to expose the entire surface of the pipe
  • does not require substrate
  • resin is supplied in 2-chamber bags, making it easy to use
Available sizes:

CARE 1 (TYP 10) – housing length 90mm – 1 cable connection

CARE 2 (TYPE 1) – housing length 130mm – 2 cable connectors

CARE 3 (TYP 2) – housing length 230mm – 3 cable connectors

CARE 4 (TYP 3) – housing length 340mm – 4 cable connectors

Question about TYPE-CARE - cable connection insulation kit - pin brazing

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