PREMTAPE™ A30 System

petrolatum cold tape coating

Product description:

The PREMTAPE™ A30 system based on mineral substances is a cold-use corrosion protection tape according to EN 12068 and EN ISO21808-3. The product has a certificate of compliance with ISO 21809-3 type 11A.


The Premier system is designed for isolation, among other things:
  • anti-corrosion protection of underground steel pipeline elements: pipes, pipe fittings, fittings, flange and welded connections
  • protecting underground connections of lightning protection and grounding installations against electrochemical corrosion
  • insulation of underground steel tanks
  • insulation of concrete and reinforced concrete underground tanks
  • steel structures, retaining poles, electricity poles, high voltage poles, telephone poles, rods, electrical boxes, cable connections
  • renovation works on pipelines
Special advantages:
  • high plasticity and flexibility
  • easy-to-use
  • resistant to acids, alkali solutions and industrial gases
Coating designation by standard:
  • EN 12068 – A30
  • EN ISO 21809-3 – typ 11A
Structure of the PREMTAPE™ A30 system:

  • PREMPASTE™ – petrolatum-based primer (not required, recommended for wet surfaces or inability to prepare properly)
  • PREMTAPE™ LD Mastic – permanently plastic mass for filling unevenness and empty spaces
  • PREMTAPE™ Temperate tape – 55% overlap (2 layers)
  • PREMCOTE™ PVC tape – mechanical protection – wound with 55% overlap (2 layers)

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