repair of an active leak in a flange connection (SF6)

Product description:

REFLANGEKiT® is the SF6 leak sealing technique for necklaces used without flow suspension and under pressure.


The system has been designed, developed and tested in collaboration with EDF R&D (French electricity supplier). Various pressure tests and aging tests have been carried out internally and in EDF laboratories to offer a high quality product.


The REFLANGEKiT® concept is based on a double coating system that closes the non-sealed necklace. The first coating made of PVC will cover and secure the collar and will collect SF6 leaks. The second coating made of PET will contain specially developed resin 3X. The exhaust valve allows the gas to escape during resin injection. After the resin is hardened all night, the valve is closed and sealed.

Thanks to this original system, the necklace and screws are protected during resin injection and disassembly.

The product can be easily removed without damage.

  • repair of non-sealing collars SF6
The main advantages of the application:
  • online and pressure installation
  • non-invasive system (no risk of resin entering the collar)
  • screw protection
  • easy disassembly
  • economical installation (avoiding expensive shipments)
Application in areas:
  • nuclear, gas and power plants
  • possibility of adjustment to different types of collars
  • temperature from -20°C to 65°C

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