Casing Filler technology fills the space between the product pipe and the casing pipe stopaq

SFP Casing Filler FS™

synthetic casing filler

Product description:

SFP Casing Filler FS™ is the most effective solution to prevent corrosion of steel pipelines in housing. Water and oxygen, which are normally present in an unfilled cover pipe, cause corrosion of the operating steel pipeline, as well as internal corrosions of the steel cover tube. By filling the ring between the cover pipe and the product pipe with the SFP Casing Filler FS™, water and oxygen are drained away, eliminating corrosion.


Features and advantages of the Casing Filler technology:
  • Application for newly built pipelines as a preventive solution
  • Repair of existing pipeline networks in cover pipes by removing electrolytic contractions and stopping corrosion progress
  • Excellent protection against corrosion
  • Does not contain substances harmful to health and the environment
  • High specific resistance of electrical insulation
  • Adhesive to various types of substrate
  • This does not affect cathode protection systems
  • No chemical hardening reactions
  • It is the most effective and cheapest method of repairing electrolytic contraction in the protective tube
  • Reduces costs associated with cathode protection of pipelines
  • Maintenance-free solution
  • Quick and easy in application

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