composite reinforcement for anti-corrosion coating

Product description:

SFP Coatings® POLY-LAM is a composite glass-resin system designed by AGCOR to provide adequate mechanical protection for anti-corrosion coatings of polyethylene and polypropylene. In the process of construction of the pipeline there is often a need to lay the route by the non-excavation method. It is then necessary to perform reinforcement of the factory insulation or anti-corrosion insulation of the welded connections in order to protect it from damage during the installation of the pipe.

Our materials have been tested in the most difficult conditions and projects, with all the excesses in which our system was used satisfied 100% the criteria of pipeline resistance (possible damage) and did not disappoint our customers.

Features and advantages of the system:
  • The resin-based substrate formula ensures bonding with the coatings i.e. factory laminate, PE, PP and FBE. Provides resistance to cutting forces caused by soil and temperature changes
  • Provides a very good connection with the leading manufacturers of factory-made laminated pipes
  • System used for covering the pipe and field connections
  • Possibility of coating in field conditions and at the workshop
  • Ability to perform in special conditions even at temperatures up to 0°C
  • Correct and reliable installation thanks to the color indicator after installation

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