PP-proofed with two-component polyurethane coating type 18E

Product description:

The SFP Coatings® SOLIDE PP system is the world’s most modern system developed by AGCOR GROUP, consisting of a coat permanently connected to the factory insulation of polypropylene (3LPP) or polyethylen (3LPE) and a two-component polyurethane coating for durable prevention of corrosion of field connections on pipes in processes of non-excavation installations. The product is applied to areas of welded connections with a thickness corresponding to the factory insulation, so that it is not exposed to additional damage.

The product is characterized by high hardness and abrasion resistance, as well as good stretchability and bending strength. Therefore, the product is especially qualified for the coating of welding clamps on pipes and pipelines mounted by directional drilling HDD and by the method of hydraulic press or micro-tunnel.


In accordance with the following standards:
  • EN 10290
  • ISO 21809-3, 18E type


Special advantages:
  • The polypropylene case is permanently connected to the factory insulation, thereby preventing damage to the proper corrosion insulation
  • Technology recommended in the standard of the Chamber of Commerce of Gas Industry ST-IGG 0601:2020
  • The excellent formula allows for strong bonding with adjacent coatings. At the same time, it provides complete resistance to cutting forces caused by soil and temperature changes
  • High resistance to misleading currents and high temperatures provides an optimal barrier for long-term corrosion protection
  • High impact
  • Resistance to cutting, abrasion and crushing
  • Low friction resistance
  • Tested and reliable technology on more than 400 joints, longest HDD over 1200 meters with pipeline diameter DN1000

Question about SFPC® SOLIDE PP (PUPP) - PP-proofed with two-component polyurethane coating type 18E

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