aluminum UV resistant tape

Product description:

SFPWrap™ ALU-UV is a reinforced tape with good perforation and rupture resistance. The protective layer is formed by a special internal anti-corrosion layer with modified high viscosity, then it is covered with a layer of anti-adhesive separator. The color of the aluminum film itself is silverwhite, making it reflective and resistant to UV radiation. Its special design allows it to be used for pipelines exposed to atmosphere for a long time.

Features and advantages of the product:
  • Provides excellent adhesion to all types of anti-corrosion tapes
  • High grip strength effectively prevents water and air from entering, providing double protection
  • Very high weather resistance, excellent for UV and ozone
  • Adjustment to thermal expansion and contraction of pipes
  • Product mainly used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, water, municipal, energy, external pipelines and steel tank structures

Question about SFPWrap™ ALU-UV - aluminum UV resistant tape

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