emergency pipeline leak repair system up to 150 bar (EPRS)

Product awarded during EXPO-GAS 2023 in a plebiscite organized by Izba Gospodarcza Gazownictwa

Produkt wyróżniony w trakcie EXPO-GAS 2023 w plebiscycie organizowanym przez Izbę Gospodarczą Gazownictwa
Product description:

STOPKiT® is the most effective repair in the world, which can seal a leak on a working system or transmission channel within minutes.

It stops various types of leaks (oil, gas, water and other media) on pipes with diameters from DN50 to DN1400, and is also applicable to variable geometries (oval tube, knot or bow) and irregularities, such as spines.

The system works by concentrating all tensions at the site of the damage. The strap strap needed to stop the leakage is carried through the technical strap and screws. Strong strap fibers are resistant to temperature and stress.

  • emergency and temporary leak repair
The main advantages of the application:
  • does not require the exclusion of production and shipping
  • no additional load on the pipe (lightweight products)
  • fast installation – up to 5 minutes
  • easy to store
  • validity period: 5 years
Application in areas:
  • on land, at sea and underwater
  • suitable for sealing spines, knot, arches and oval pipe
  • diameters from DN50 to DN1400
  • temperature from -20°C to 80°C
  • pipes with the most common fluids and gases

The set includes a yellow belt(s) for land or red for marine applications, a patch (50 x 100mm or 100 x 100 mm), stainless steel bars, screws and STOPKiT® positioner (number of straps, stains, the number of screws depends on the diameter of the pipe).

For land applications

For marine applications

Question about STOPKiT® - emergency pipeline leak repair system up to 150 bar (EPRS)

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